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Florida House bill 669 and Fl. glass shops.

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  • Florida House bill 669 and Fl. glass shops.

    Any glass shops in Florida currently using litigation or appraisal to avoid short pays need to mobilize immediately. The passing of this bill completely eliminates the shops ability to bring suit or demand appraisal on short and no pays. In short, you will be forced to accept pricing as
    there will no recourse or mechanism to keep carriers from seizing total control of pricing. Your business as you know it will be a thing of the past. Some have taken a "the sky is not falling" attitude and I can only tell you that this bill is already 2/3 of the way to a vote. Do not let the absence of the words auto glass make you think this is not about us. It 100% most certainly is. Call your Representatives and voice your opinion, if you are able, go to Tallahassee and voice your opinion when the time is right. A state that gives all the power to the carriers is a definite reality and has already traveled a significant way in the State House. I can't be any clearer than to say THE SKY IS FALLING and we need to do anything possible to stop it. A wait and see attitude will certainly be at the peril of Florida's independent glass shops.

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    All shop owners with interests in being paid more than the current carrier pricing around 50% off NAGS please start spreading the word about Fl. bill 669. A mobilization of shop owners is being organized to make our concerns known in Tallahassee and we want to include you. We have nearly zero representation from glass shop owners at the moment and can't count on anyone else arguing our positions for us. Please respond to this message and lets find a way to present a united front. Everyone has a role to play big or small, Time is running out and to do nothing means that you dare not complain when you loose all avenues to collect more than what the carriers dictate you deserve. If this bill passes and you have done nothing to stop it please don't have the audacity to complain later. This whole undermining of our billing process will be in place by July1st. YES, that is less than 90 days before you can do nothing what so ever to collect on short pays.This wait and see attitude will produce diasaster .WE HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF US ALL. If you are out of state and think it will stop here in Florida you best think again. Once this is successful in Florida your state will be next. It is a problem for every one of us from coast to coast.


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      The companion bill 1064 in the Florida Senate to House Bill 669 is likely going to the Senate Judiciary committee next Wednesday April 15th 2015. Everyone needs to contact the Senators on the Judiciary committee. Here is the link to the committee:

      Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla is the committee Chair. His phone number is (850)487-5040. A link to his page is:

      Here is a link that will help everyone understand what is happening in the Florida legislature at this moment. It refers mostly to contractors, but applies to auto glass and collision shops as well. It could happen anywhere!

      Do not underestimate the importance of voicing your opposition to this bill. It has moved through the Banking and Insurance committee by a vote of 8 to 1. It is time to join the fight! No one will help us fight this fight the way we need to. Please call me at (866)323-2193 for more information.