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Allstate SGCNetwork Repair Rate Change

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  • Allstate SGCNetwork Repair Rate Change

    "Flat Per Windshield" - What a Joke! The race to the bottom continues for Safelite!

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    Wow Lot's of changes here. I couldn't get in by my old bookmark. Had to renew it through the IGA website WOW.
    Any way we will see how these new changes work.

    Now to this thread... SO Stinklite says they will only pay a flat fee 59.00 bucks for any or all repairs. Well that will not work for me. They will have the choice of 1 repair at that price, or if there is more than 1 chip, we will replace. Or we can repair the worst chip, leave the other ,if it cracks, they didn't pay for it so we will replace at that time. They will get exactly what they pay for. But ultimately it will be the customers choice. That is the person who owns the vehicle.

    So they are only changing repair pricing,,, Makes me wonder exactly what they are basing these changes on, or why do they feel a need to change said pricing... hmmm wondering minds want to know.

    I will add, I could care very little about what sgc or allsnake says because it has so very little meaning. I can't wait for the opportunity to file an arbitration against them for a $10.00 short pay that will cost them not only the short pay, but all filing fees, late fees, and admin fees. This will be a BLAST! I will collect over $145.00 from a short paid repair. WAY COOL! Those who do not buckle in shall reap the benefits of non membership. WOW I Will be doing much better than doing the repair!. This is just STUPID! Let's play...........This will be FUN!
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