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Confusion Mounts - Safelite Solutions Non-Participant USAA Pricing

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  • Confusion Mounts - Safelite Solutions Non-Participant USAA Pricing

    In the ongoing saga that is the USAA Safelite Solutions Non-Participant Pricing we are now getting copies from various shops of the following email:

    From: SGCNetworkHelp <>
    Date: Monday, January 20, 2014 at XXXXXX

    Good afternoon, XXXXXXXXXXXX

    We would like to make you aware of error that occurred between 12/26/13 to 1/9/14 regarding auto glass repairs performed for USAA insureds.
    USAA repairs which were created during this period were quoted the rate of $60/payment, however the rate which should have been quoted is $50. Our system has recognized the error and we’ve implemented steps to take appropriate action. Please know that SGC will honor the difference, issuing an additional payment to any of your shops that were misquoted during that timeframe.

    Any claim which was created on or after 1/9/2014 will reflect the correct rate of $50 flat for repairs.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Shop Care department at (614) 602-2120.

    Thank you,
    - SGC Network Team

    Apparently Safelite is having issues with their system determining who is and isn't a network participant. GlassBuzz has reached out to both USAA and Safelite Solutions and neither have or will comment on this situation.

    If you have received this email or any similar correspondence, please contact the IGA or reply to this post.