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Two More Insurance Companies Requiring Inspections

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  • Two More Insurance Companies Requiring Inspections

    American Family Insurance and Encompass have joined the ranks of insurance companies requiring inspections prior to authorization given for auto glass repair and replacement claims via outside networks, according to reports from readers.


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    This is nothing new. Perhaps if someone at AGRR and/or glassBYTEs where to talk with myself or an IGA board member, they would know this stuff well before now.

    Inspections were a topic discussed during the joint IGA and MGA seminar last week in Minnesota. While the policy holder has duty to work with their insurance company in a certain manner during a claim, the policy holder also has a set of rights. In many cases, a policy holder may seek repair or replacement services under their comprehensive policy and submit the invoice(s) before any claim is made. Here is what a policy holder with USAA can do:

    What is the difference between having the policy holder pay for the job and then submit it vs. allowing a glass shop that is out of network do the job? The policy holder does not have to provide any proof of loss other than their word.

    Let's discuss this.

    Best Regards,


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      I totally agree Gary. One needs only to point to the collision industry to see the folly of how unnecessary these TPA's really are. We have the capability to send everything to the insurer or their TPA through ClaimsHarbor. Why do we even need these TPA's?

      I have sent e-mails from my Gmail account to the girl from GlassBytes or AGRR magazine and it is clear that they don't want to report anything that the IGA is doing with eDirectGlass and the services they offer to all Independents. It is a shame that they (the owners of the media company) are so blind and cannot objectively report on what is clearly a better way for insurers, shops, and consumers to handle their auto glass needs. It becomes painfully obvious that Safelite cannot function without the current system in place and will never provide anything but inferior service, products, and lies to consumers.

      They continue to pee all over the entire industry and tell everyone that "it's raining."

      I will post the letter than I have sent to Jenna Reed in another reply.


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        I have sent this twice to Jenna Reed and her spam filters are either on pretty tight or she is blocking any e-mail from me.


        On several occasions you have shown grit and determination about exposing the problems auto glass shops face today. Your last piece (where you wrote about the Farmer's inspections and asked for shops to e-mail you about these lost jobs) is a prime example of your media company "looking in the right direction" for the ways and means that the AGRR industry has to combat what the networks are doing to Independents.

        I don't mean to tell you how to perform your job, but our glass shop in Henderson Nevada couldn't survive without the innovations that our software company has developed to combat steering and the fixing of prices. Jenna, why does your company ignore what the people at eDirectGlass are doing for the industry? They are the only software company that have developed solutions to the fiendish inner workings of the Network/s and how to combat them. I did all the due diligence when we automated our business and none of the other POS companies are developing solutions to the real problems facing our industry. It took me weeks/months of trials until I could see the differences between offerings, but then it hit me right between the eyes.

        I would ask that you consider doing another story for other glass shops about what the IGA has developed with eDirectGlass. I don't understand why there is such an obvious worm hole for real reporting or "a lack of real investigative reporting" for solutions to what is killing Independents in this industry. I've only been in this industry for 5.5 years and I'm a woman; but I see that there is only one company that makes technology designed to help Independents. Pretty soon, your company won't have much to write about and worse; won't have enough subscribers to listen. I realize you and I haven't chatted in the past (a friend and mentor of mine reached out to Penny Stacey about these very subjects a couple of years ago without success) and I have very little credibility (a small shop in the outskirts of Henderson, NV that struggles to do $20-25K a month).

        My husband was in the investment banking industry and left that industry after the crash in 2007 because he knew that no one was going to jail except Bernie Madoff. His cousin and a friend he went to school with happen to own collision shops in Henderson and Vegas and like fools, we moved to Henderson and opened our store. I cannot afford any more retaliation (just like the woman in your article) and we still have pending short pay cases we may need to file again.

        I am aware of the IGA Board member's push toward a "technology solution" that will document the abuses of policy and contract rights. Why can't your media company interview someone like Rick Rosar or Gary Hart and have them explain why they have taken this approach to the obvious abuses of policy and contract rights? This would at least provide the industry with an explanation about who actually recognizes what's wrong and who's fixing what and how. Jenna, It is long overdue.

        Please do not publish my name as we are already on Safelite's list of shops where "network abuse" is a common, every day practice and we are already struggling as it is. If I can figure out what the answers are to the AGRR industry's woes, hopefully you can dig a little deeper and learn the same things I did.

        Best regards,

        Elaine P.


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          Hi Elaine,
          Magazines get revenue from ads. When ads are placed, so are news releases.