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Simple Idea: Nuts Bolts and parts

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  • Simple Idea: Nuts Bolts and parts

    Simple Idea
    Nuts Bolts and parts
    Everyone has some little idea to make their job go a little bit easier most of the idea are home made and cost between nothing and a few dollars.
    I thought I would start off by sharing one of mine. Maybe we can have some exchange of ideas or little tricks to make the job go a little easier.
    I got a food container from dollar store one 3”by 6”.
    You can try the kitchen, but you can only do this once, the second time the wife will! Catch you.
    Next, you will need a 2” hole saw. Drill the hole in the middle of the lid. I put some color duct tape on the lid just to make it a little harder to miss when I set it down. You can also try putting a magnet inside.
    I took the magnet from the bottom of a nut and bolt metal bowl auto mechanic use. One of the nice thing about this is if you knock it over the lid will keep most of the plastic parts in you may have one or two plastic parts fall out but the magnet will keep most of the screws in. Another nice part of this container is with the magnet you hold the container to the vehicle.
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    Nuts Bolts and part’s


    This simple Idea only takes a few minutes to make and they are reusable if you want.
    Carrying several different sizes of butyl can be inconvenient.
    What I started to do was packaging them, and only carrying 4 different sizes. This way the space they use up on the truck is less, and I don’t have to throw any out when they get damaged. You can make the package from cardboard a door glass comes in and some hard foam, (My foam came from the inside of a windshield box at the warehouse the foam pad was glued to the inside of the box). I Cut the cardboard to 10”3/4 x 9”3/4’’ with a ¾” inside space, then fold the cardboard in three sections, top, sides and bottom. Center the butyl tape on the cardboard and silicone the foam to the cardboard You will cut the foam to fit inside the center hole of the roll.
    Next, Silicone two smaller blocks to the outer corners, and then silicone the top piece of the folded over cardboard to the top foam blocks. Label the end and stack.
    Click image for larger version

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