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  • 2014 kia cadenza

    Since the rag forum I have been posting on has choose to ban me I thought I would share this information here.

    The windshield on this car is very straight forward, and like other 2014 Kia Models no one carried this windshield in the aftermarket yet.

    There were many choices for the windshield, mine had a rain sensor, and a condensation sensor, on the dealer windshield the condensation sensor comes attached to the windshield. The other attachment on the windshield is on the right and left side of the windshield at the bottom, sort of a on the glass stop system. You will need a molding for this vehicle, and it looks amazing once in the hole. The cowl comes off with ease a handful of push pins to release and the wipers and your ready to remove the cowl. Now if you can wait 8 years maybe the genius over at Auto Glass Journal will be covering this install which by then you will have done many of these by then.