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Dilemma Liebherr 528 Wheel Loader

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  • Dilemma Liebherr 528 Wheel Loader

    Have to reinstall the windshield into a Liebherr 528 Loader.
    My concern is do I put the urethane on the body or glass. I can't see how I am going to slide the windshield on without making a mess of the urethane. The wrap of the shield puts the side of the windshield at a 90˚angle, sliding the shield on looks like it will push the urethane off as it slides on. Any suggestion wood is helpful.
    See the unit

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    Remove/move all obstacles. Cab top, lights, mirrors, anything that is in the way of a clear path to set the glass.

    Have a back up plan in place in case you need to rest the glass on the hood or such, on the way up the machine, before setting. You likely need multiple people.

    Always gun the glass if possible. Pay attention to the size of the bead, it may be different from top and bottom to those wrap around sides.

    Set the glass with centering as close to perfect as you can, communicate with the fitter on the other side as you set the part. Keep the sides equal to not steal clearance and cause a tight clearance issue for your partner on the other side. Move slowly and set the glass and watch the bead wet out properly, adjust as you go until it's done and set properly.

    The factory did it, they just did it with the cab off the tractor and probably lying on it's back as well.

    And finally, remember, murdering a design engineer is frowned upon in nearly every country.

    Hope that's helpful.

    HTH and JMHNLO
    I have gone out to look for myself. If I should return before I get back, please, hold me until I get here.


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      Thanks Mark I like that.
      Murdering the design engineer is not what I had in mind that's to good.