Thought I would like to give a supplier a word of thanks for the great service and product.
About two years ago I purchased a Bot and I have been giving it a good work out.
Over the years I have had some repairs needed.
On one occasion I had to ship it to Rick.
Turned out I had pulled a wire off inside.
Rick Fixed it at no charge and returned it to me in a timely fashion.
Whenever I have a question Rick was always quick to reply to my call.
I don’t make a habit chasing body shops. The company in town that has most of the shops charges way less than I am willing to work for.
I started doing work for two dealerships in town that had body shops.
Eventually the body shop had me do some work. I charged my going rate they seen the job the bot could do and keep using my service at a rate higher than last glass shop.
The body shop Manager informed me he was impressed with how little damage the bot did to the pinchweld and I was saving more mouldings.
On a Dodge 2500 Pick up the last shop has broken 2 back power slider windows out of three.
Using the Bot I have saved 3 for three.
Thanks again Rick.