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    Ok so its just over a year later and still nothing. I got this long email from Wayne saying that starting in January or February 2011 they would make the official announcements of member details and such. I still have not heard anything. I thought with all the crap our industry is going through right now that the NAAGA would be all over this, instead we are seeing the IGA step up and actually do something for a change.

    I still like the idea of the NAAGA, if we could just get it off the ground. It takes more than a nice website and fancy software. Now is the time to make some moves,but I would take a guess that NAAGA is probably not going anywhere fast seeing how E Direct and the IGA are working together again. ( Webbie & Gary , no offense to you or your company please ,please don't ban me, lol)

    Thanks guys for a place where we can truly be heard by someone and not banned for our opinions.
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      In an earlier post I suggested running an epetition. The epetition could be posted and emailed and referred to in direct mail ads etc. Once enough signatures are received, they could be forwarded to the FTC, State dept of Ins., Attorney Generals, Insurance companies etc. Here is a rough draft but initially anyone could submit their on "whereas" and Therefores and then put into a final draft: Auto Glass Industry National Right to Fair Trade Petition Whereas: Federal and State Laws espouse a Fair and Free Trade Philosophy. Whereas: Fair and Free Trade espouses competition and restricts anti-competitive Activity. Whereas: United States Businesses have a reasonable expectation to maintain custo...
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      Collision business owners are routinely and institutionally told by insurers that they must negotiate with them to an agreed price on repairs on property they don't own, even though they have no legal standing or credentials to do so.

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      The Missouri Attorney General recently launched an investigation of contractors who offer to represent homeowners in negotiations with insurance companies with regard to storm damage losses. I’m delighted to see that our commissioner of insurance has made it abundantly clear that parties outside the contract of insurance cannot negotiate insurance claims.

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      It has not been safe to talk about Arbitration any where else, and NOW this might be the right place. I cannot talk about any specifics, of who or what, but we can talk about, why and how. How many shops have experienced short pays? Maybe thousands? Now how many have had a viable tool to collect those short pays? The very first consideration is, if you are on contract with any tpa who services a certain ins co, and are short paid, you may not have a leg to stand on, because you are at the mercy of that tpa via your contract. Those shops need not respond, because you are not part of the solutio...
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